A lot is to be said for an artist with a relentless grind especially in today’s Social Media Fame driven music industry. You would think with a couple videos on WorldStarHipHop in the millions, 2 successful projects also reaching platinum streaming status and countless tours taking him all over the country in just the time frame of a year that Hypno Carlito would not only take a break, but have the right to. Wrong! This February Carlito emerges with the highly anticipated but carefully crafted sequel to his debut project entitled “Never Say Never Again”.

Today East Orange, New Jersey’s Ant Vercetti takes us behind the scenes of his video shoot for “I Ain’t Off Shit” produced by LBeats. The young go-getter shines in his own Entrepreneur Label clothing, accessorized properly with beautiful women and the freshest whips in this upcoming visual directed by BMarFamous of Secret Society.
Check out the exclusive BTS footage from LVEnt, and listen to the single here: https://soundcloud.com/ant-vercetti/i-aint-off-shit

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CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL NEW SINGLE “100 LIKES” BY KARIZMA PROD BY TK ON DA BEAT. Hailing from Memphis, Karizma is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop

His music is challenging and socially conscious, particularly focusing on themes such as the struggle of urban America’s real life. The intense charge of his rhymes is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy, uplifting melodies, and a personal blend of thought-provoking lyrical flow that echoes the work of influential performers such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole or Big Krit just to mention a few.




What were you doing in kindergarten? If you ask 11-year-old Brooklyn Queen, she’ll tell you about the song she wrote at age 5, and her first official studio recording at just 8-years-old. Recently the Detroit native went viral with several dances, including her newest sensation “KeKe Taught Me” produced by Orlando’s The Crew. Listen as Brooklyn Queens turns up the heat with a lively series of steps, and you can follow along on her IG at http://Instagram.com/brooklynqueen03

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Today Quavo of Migos adds his signature flare to Alexis Ayaana’s “Bad Enough”, produced by multi-platinum beatcrafter Drumma Boy. Shining from Atlanta, Alexis Ayaana is stepping up as America’s Urban Pop Princess with her powerful Twenty One EP, which is available now on all digital outlets via GME / Empire. Listen to “Bad Enough” below, and get Twenty One here: https://itun.es/i6725KK


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Harlem singer/songwriter Ran Christian brings us some risky business today with the fiery new single “Dead Or Alive”. This song was produced by Rick Steel, known for his work with the likes of French Montana, and will appear on Ran Christian’s upcoming mixtape Made In Harlem, slated for release on 2/28.

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Justin Hibbert [i] once again breaks the mold on the term “rapper” with his new video “D.R.U.M.”. Using the Roland SPD-SX electronic drum machine as his tool, Justin drum solos over multiple tracks. The artist’s use of the RolanD SPD-SX drum machine is revolutionary to product and the way we look at how it can be used. The backing tracks consist of EDM/Hip-Hop remixes of his songs “[i] Am Work (feat. Mike Jones)” and “Blacked Out (feat. Project Pat), with a couple songs that are new or unknown. Justin and his guitar player do some face meltingly awesome performing, which we can hopefully expect in his live shows this 2017.

SouthWest TripHop artist Meganoke releases a new music video, Three of Life, honoring all elements of hip hop while continuing to bring a new wave of art to the scene. Working with producers from California Matthew Valdez on this single, breaking away from her most used producer Riddlore, continuing to create something modern and unique both visually and with her unusual sound.

This video features fashion thru designer and artist Randy L Barton. Full of movement from bboys of Medicine Paint and Tiger Style Crew. All artist that are also known throughout the SouthWest underground Hip Hop world.

The integration of all these artists represented are part of a movement, Golen Pact, created by Meganoke to bring together artists of every element and give them a platform to shine and build together.

Both thru her sound and visually, Meganoke continues to show us that she is willing to think outside the box and create a new wave of what Trip hop and Hip Hop culture can become.

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The cover art to an artist album can speak so many words without saying anything at all. Mr Miranda who is an Arizona hip hop artist, just dropped a project called “Dave’s World” and is now available to stream. Him sitting on the global, in my eyes means that he is focused and is shooting for the stars. On top of getting his music heard globally and not just locally. Check out the stream right here right now!