Recently R&B singer Jaye Valentine released the visual to her track “This Night Only,” which can be found on her album Spectrum.

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas and Jaye Valentine lives up to the hype with her highly energetic and captivating live performances and creative and theatrical videos. Coming from a family with musical roots in Motown, this R&B songstress vocally delivers in the booth and in person.

“It is essentially about a girl who sees what she likes and goes for it. Why not, right? My EP is entitled, Spectrum and I chose that name because I thought it represented how multifaceted I am as an artist,” Jaye Valentine said. “You will also notice that I chose not to include any heartbreak or male-bashing songs on the EP. I am not ignoring that part of life though. I just wasn’t in that space when writing and recording. To be continued..” she said playfully.

While she is currently building her name in Houston, Jaye Valentine got her start making music in La Marque, TX not far from Galveston and some of Texas’ most popular beaches.

“I’ve been pursuing music professionally since 13 and have been singing longer than that. I started off in girl groups and learned a lot during that time. That definitely shaped me as a solo artist and made me stronger. I learned about hard work and team work during those years,” Jay Valentine explained.

Refusing to sell her body and keeping the focus on music, Jay Valentine prides herself in keeping her integrity while still being sensual.

“I approach the game with all I have but without compromising my integrity. I don’t strip or sell drugs; although I don’t knock those who do. I fund my own project in a legitimate way. It takes longer and is challenging but integrity for myself and people I am around is very important to me.”

Inspired by the greats like Whitney and Aretha while still keeping up with contemporary artists like H.E.R., Jay Valentine has something for all R&B fans.

“I am a mix of things, I listen to and am inspired by Hip-Hop and Country – I am from the country, hello?!?,” Jaye said laughing. “I like Rock (Aerosmith is my absolute fave), Gospel because I grew up in the church), Classical because I was trained in piano for 10 years the list goes on and on. I am simply a lover of the art of music and pull inspiration from all those areas. I hope to bring a fresh take on R&B by interjecting a few different things, open people’s minds up a little yet still remain true to this underrepresented genre.”

“I acknowledge the ups and downs, of love, it is all part of the Spectrum. A rainbow is simply a Spectrum of color and represents hope after a storm and I feel that the EP has an empowering and hopeful vibe it; and that was intentional,” Jaye Valentine concluded.

LoxxGetBands recently teamed up with Coalition DJs, DJ Apollo to release the hard hitting, self explanatory mixtape “Don’t Count Me Out”!!

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Every person, man or woman has been put in a position to be either the game player or the one to be played, no one likes or is willing to admit the latter. That is until now.

“Who hasn’t been in a situation where you wish the other person would mean what they say and say what they mean, out of my frustration rises Those Games.” – DeVante Myles

Once again, DeVante Myles the newcomer from Brooklyn, New York keeps with the same theme of circus games and unusual antics as he delivers the visual for his latest track. His release of “Those Games” touches on the everyday bs most 20 somethings deal with in their relationships.

Myles does steer away from his usual lyrical flow and gives us rhythm & rap parallel to the early days of Chris Brown but, we are blessed with a sneak peek on what is yet to come at the end of the visual. “Those Games” is the first single off of his second project “Sweet Nothings” due out early 2019.

Of course, no DeVante Myles release would be the same without making a stop at his infamous Oxford Circus. The dance battles, flashing lights, intimate setting, and urban underground vibes are the perfect match to the visual of this all too relatable song.

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When you’re a rebellious, educated and enlightened liberator, the world is at your mercy. This saying holds true for Minnesota rap artist, REEL Smoovv, born as Johnny Watkins.

In Minneapolis, there’s a unique brew of artists including the late Prince, The Time, and The Soul Asylum; among others. As an artist, Smoovv has a rich history to look upon and encapsulate everything great about the Minneapolis Sound. As a child, listening to R&B legends like The Temptations, Sam Cooke, and Frankie Lymon gave him an insight of great music.

“As I got older and involved in Hip-hop, I grew fond of artists like Nelly, DMX & Outkast. Outside of hip-hop, it was Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & Erykah Badu.”

In 2013, REEL Smoovv’s hip-hop career began with a rap collective called “Flood The Basement” and featured on their “Whatchu Want” project. Later that year, he released two solo projects entitled “The REEL Revolution” and “REEL Smoovv’s Summer Jams.” Shortly after “Flood The Basement” disbanded in 2014, REEL Smoovv joined the Mill City Collective & released his third solo project entitled, “REEL Smoovv’s 31st Groovvs.” This album helped identify him as a real artist with crafty metaphoric content. In 2015, the “Deeply Rooted Tribe” was formed along with two other Mill City Collective artists (FreshVs Sellers & RAW Toon). The group delivered the compilation project, “Low Eye Rise” which featured the lead single, “Tribe Supply.” Since that release, REEL Smoovv has been working on a new project with the Tribe; as well as his solo project.

“Hip Hop has the most prominent platform out of all music genres & not enough people use it to promote positivity or even realize the power they have as an artist to shift the dynamic of things.”

As an artist with direction, Smoovv has opened up for mainstream artists like The Migos, Curren$y, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Nappy Roots, 50 Cent, Naughty By Nature, The Game and Krayzie Bone; just to name a few. REEL Smoovv possesses characteristics of a self-effacing, reserved, laid back individual with an associates degree. But, with a microphone in hand, he takes on the stage with lyrical content and commands the attention of those in his presence. His latest single “Groovy In A Hooptie,” proves that he is a contender in the hip-hop world.

All in all, REEL Smoovv is ready to deliver his message and help change people lives. Let the revolution begin!

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Hip-hop has awoken a monster with a signature sound called ‘Enlightened Trap.’ The on-the-verge rapper, Da GhOul, has taken up the challenge in bringing light to this new genre with his new trap anthem “Where I Be.”

Da Gh0ul is a highly creative artist who had always had a knack for music since the age of 8 when he started writing raps. On “Where I Be,” Da Gh0ul uses a high powered, uptempo piano key beat mixed with a soft “X-Files” type melody to give a warning to haters, the feds, and anybody else who can’t see him. The song details his drive, grind, and hustle for achieving greatness amidst the ops; who may not know his acts or “whereabouts” (thus the title). But. he is at a greater place far from those, who are not about their business and the positive growth of “Self.”

Da Gh0ul realized at the early age of 8; he had a liking for creating music. Him and his younger sister Patricia Berry, a.k.a. Phoenyxx Flame began recording over instrumentals using a PS2 and a broken stereo with a working mic onto tapes. At the age of 13, Da Gh0ul started working with his beats at Fl Studio and found out rhythms drove him more to music. In 2007, the teenage rapper “Decata Boi” started working with an underground artist “Angry Dank” who taught him a few basics about recording. Relying on other artists/producers for studio time and promotion wasn’t entirely advancing his music career. With in-depth consideration, at the age 16, he invested into creating his recording studio.

In 2012, Da Ghoul released his first ever mixtape “The Juggernaut” on with the help of a SCAD student and their Mac. Shortly after, he released his second mixtape, #UA which was heavily promoted on Instagram. Also, he has collaborated with idols such as DJ Smallz, DJ Fresh (Rich Homie Quan DJ), and has even opened up for ” OJ Da Juiceman.”

Over time, Da Gh0ul has improved his sound and overall characteristics of one of the most unique/international hip-hop artist that the industry has seen in a while. His slick punchlines and lyrical flexibility mixed with a melodic Crunk tune are just a few words to describe the upcoming Dirty South rap artist. Ghoul is a force to be reckoned with and someone to keep close eyes on as a contender in the Hip-hop game.
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Alabama artist Mook2Rich (formerly Lil Mook) is set to release his new project, #DOLM (Death Of Lil Mook). After a musical hiatus, Mook is back with the first record off the upcoming project, entitled “Baecation.” On this track, Mook gives us an inside view of what his definition of a “Baecation” with his ride-or-die chick exacly is. The Whiteboi Beats-produced record has a fun summer time vibe to it. With a simple but catchy hook, this track will make you want to take your own “Baecation” and enjoy life.

Saint Louis native YM drops his self produced debut project, Cookin’ Up Sauce. Every song has a different sound and lives up to the title making this project well worth listening to over and over again.

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SINN, one of Michigan’s finest, releases a new self-produced single titled “I Apologize”. The single is available on digital streaming platforms and on, where you can find SINN’s complete catalog of music.

The video, directed by Chill Beatz, is dedicated to SINN’s mother and pays tribute to her and her unconditional love throughout the years.  SINN delivers a lyrical narrative that heightens the pedestal women shine from.  This “Dear Mama” rendition will definitely pull on some heartstrings.

Watch “I Apologize” below

Mook2Rich – Baecation (Prod by Whiteboi Beats)

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Alabama artist Mook2Rich (formerly Lil Mook) is set to release his new project, #DOLM (Death Of Lil Mook). After a musical hiatus, Mook is back with the first record off the upcoming project, entitled “Baecation.” On this track, Mook gives us an inside view of what his definition of a “Baecation” with his ride-or-die chick exacly is. The Whiteboi Beats-produced record has a fun summer time vibe to it. With a simple but catchy hook, this track will make you want to take your own “Baecation” and enjoy life.

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