Long Island wordsmith Warren Wint truly knows how to deliver an anthem. “Wasting Time” concocts such smooth production and a great coat of vocals from Brooklyn songwriter RKHTY. Jam out responsibly to this!


Making his name and area more relevant with each single release, Miami 305’s Da Deacon puts points up on the board for “MuthaF$cka.” Catch a vibe for this below and if it’s hot give us feedback in the comment section.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zwOV2SMiRQ

Iris Stryx from Hollywood, Florida attempts to come at the throne of Cardi B with her “Cardi B Diss.” Spooky stuff here folks. Check it out now and if it’s hot, leave a comment.

LISTEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmILdoIVdeI

Dirty Gamez is a premier group out of Colorado. The group was established in 2002. The group is the oldest hip-hop Label In Colorado. It is also the largest record label in the state of Colorado. In addition to being the number one label in Colorado dirty gamez was given the opportunity To buy a local FM radio station. Currently, “Dirty Gamez” music is blasted out to over 800,000 people daily. Dirty gamez is representative of that midwest sound with east coast and west coast influences. The label currently has signed K’O Official, C-Ragg; Ghost, Remedy,Yung June, Fatal, Lazy B, drama; Infamous, JS and Damien Damani. The label Dirty Gamez has strong ties with Def Jam recordings and Strange music. The label presently has a song out with Two chainz called “Light Work” and they recently released a song with Yo Gotti call “Nobody.” The songs features Dirty Gamez artists KO, Fatal and Yung June.

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Joseph Matthews better known as Crushal (Mr1Luv) was born on December 14, 1981 in Brooklyn, New York. Although Crushal was born in Brooklyn, he spent most of his childhood years growing up in Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica West Indies. It was from these early years in Jamaica where Crushal developed his love for Reggae music. Crushal has two sisters and eight brothers. He is also the father to three children. He works within the diesel mechanical field. When Crushal is not busy working or attending to his fatherly duties, he enjoys motorcycling, free lance writing and disc jockey.

Crushal has reformed the gift of writing music and performing. He self writes all of his music and is a natural at entertaining the ladies. He has written over 200 songs and he labels his music as “Electro Reggae Pop.” Electro Reggae Pop is a new musical genre that Crushal takes pride in developing which consists of a mix of soul, pop, funk, techno and dancehall. The talent of music is not new to Crushal. He has been a disc jockey since the early ages of twelve. During this time, he wrote songs and performed at talent shows in his junior high school.

Most recently Crushal has starred in the YouTube series Sons of Kingston and have taken a lead part in Amazon web series Blue City. He has also performed live at multiple venues both locally and international.

Crushal grew up in the rough neighborhood of East Flatbush and is familiar with the struggles that young youths face today. Crushal’s passion for music comes from his determination to influence the upcoming generation. He is humbled by his blessings and thanks the Father above for all his talents.

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MJ here with Rap Music Promo.  On the scene tonight joining me hailing form Camden, NJ is Artist and Entertainer Mont Polk aka Big Dummy.  Big Dummy reigns as current Supreme BARs Philly champion.

MJ:  Before we jump right in to the music and history, please let everyone know about the name “Big Dummy”.  I’m sure there are many readers out there who are just as curios.  Was it a childhood name? Was it a name created specifically for your career?

Big Dummy:  Mont Mont was my child hood name. The name came from Rico, the Vice President of GO Dummy music group. I was the CEO and one day he called me the BIG DUMMY and it just stuck because it made so much sense. My name was Lamont and it described my comedic personality.

MJ:  Give everyone a little bit of history.  You grew up in Camden, NJ which happens to be one of the roughest areas to be raised in.  I discover in many interviews with artists that music saved their lives from past trauma, estranged relationships, difficult survival environments, etc.  Is that the case for Big Dummy as well?

Big Dummy:  I was born and raised in East New York, Brownsville, New York. I migrated there in my teen years. I was in high school and my dad died so I moved to Brownsville with my grandmother. That’s where I was introduced to the bloods, the drugs, and most importantly the music. I came to Camden, New Jersey as an adult trying to raise my children and become a solo rapper. I was in a rap group during my years in NEW YORK.

MJ:  Tell us about “little” Dummy.  How were you introduced to music?  What was it about music that pulled you in? At what point in our life did that love and passion turn into pursuing a career?

Big Dummy: My best friend who I consider my twin took me to my first studio session. I was actually good at poetry and ended up converting that night to a rapper. The fact was that I could make people laugh with music. My first rhymes were almost battles to the general public and my boys but it was hilarious. Well it was a dream in New York something we never paid for people paid for us so when I starting coming out of pocket is when it became a career.  My brother Snake ran away from home and I began smoking weed and cutting school and hanging with musicians and other rappers from Brownsville, NY projects. We began rapping in elevators and staircases as well as karaoke and making mix tapes. When I moved to NJ I was no longer a part of a group and had to fend for myself to become a solo artist.

MJ:  Let’s talk about your style of music.  I consider you both artist and entertainer for several reasons.  One of those being your sense of versatility, another being your stage performance.  Your catalog of music consists of boom bap Hip Hop, R&B, and to date club bangers with catchy beats.  Not everyone can pull off musically what you have accomplished thus far in your career.  Talk about that.

Big Dummy:  Well like I said my music started off comical but later I wanted to create real music and tell stories but I was always told you have to be versatile. Almighty and other influential artists always had unique styles, and I felt as if I had many unique styles and didn’t want to limit myself to only one style of music. My goal is to be able to turn anything into my type of music on any genre or creative instrumental.

MJ:  For all the fans, followers, and supporters out there talk about recent projects that are out now and what can be expected from Big Dummy in the upcoming new year.

Big Dummy: “Educated Fool” is my upcoming album sometime in January of next year or maybe even Aprils Fools Day and probably will work alongside Trazsh Man to do my artwork and music videos. I am also pursuing modeling and standup comedy.  Also my upcoming group album “MDG” (Million Dollar Gang) will be coming out this year at the end December around the Christmas holiday.

MJ:  For those that might not be familiar, you also have a savvy sense of style!  Is that another career you are pursuing?

Big Dummy: Yes, modeling and fashion.

MJ:  You are also part of a group.  Tell everyone a little bit about your group and what’s hot right now with the group.  Share some of the challenges being part of a group.  Do you have a preference of performing solo or as a group?

Big Dummy: Schedules. Life and personalities are the biggest challenge with being in a group. However, I prefer the group because it feels better to be on stage with a million people opposed to performing alone. It shows “strength in numbers”.
MJ:  Describe your stage performance using three words.  What would you say is one thing fans leave with from a Big Dummy performance?

Big Dummy: Story line with intensity and humor.

MJ:  You have shared the stage with some major artists.  What artists would you like to add that growing list?

Big Dummy: Jada Kiss, Future, Uncle Murda , The Game, Smiff-n-Wesson, and Peedie Crack to name a few.

MJ:  Is there anything else you want the world to know about Big Dummy?

Big Dummy: I am looking to pursue comedy, cooking shows, movie appearances, and the likes. I want to show my diversification in the industry to not only be a music artist but to show my flexibility with other industrial arts.




Get inside the mind of New Jersey rapper K-Roc as he gives his first full length effort – The Ro Gawd Project. Bringing along plenty diversity in the form of 10 solid records, K-Roc keeps his name relevant as the quarter closes out and a brand new year begins. Mixed all by himself, the mastering of this tape occurred via @CraigTheEngineer – notable for Desiigner’s “Panda.”

Listen now on Soundcloud

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Yung Gwapa is Back with a Hard New Freestyle Friday

Quiet Storm Freestyle

Gwapa returns this Friday with a brand new freestyle.

This time around he takes on New York’s own Mobb Deep’s Quiet Storm.

Gearing up to drop his 7 Gifts project which will release 12.22.17. 

Powered by Atlanta’s own DJ Swamp Izzo.

Check out this dope freestyle over on Yung Gwapa’s official SoundCloud.

Follow Gwap on his official Twitter page for all the latest updates and releases.

This year Yung Gwapa released his official site gokrazygwapa.com as well.

Huntsville Alabama’s Own Marc Ruger Drops Spokesman For The Struggle

Marc Ruger drops his latest album SpokesMan For The Struggle.

14 solid tracks with some dope features from King Kuma, Telly Tel, T-Rell, Mz.Petite and more.

The lead single Troubled By My Past comes with a visual which you can find below.

Opening up and sharing how the struggle is very real.

Make sure to check out the album on Spotify.

Follow Marc Ruger on his official Instagram page for all the latest releases.

The Northwest’s King of Soul is back! Indie singer/songwriter Andy Stokes returns with the third video in his Full Circle music video mini series.

Following “Music for Life” and “Let’s Have A Good Time,” the crooner premieres his visual for “Are You Ready.” Continuing to show the good side of man and what real love is, Stokes’ latest video finds his leading lady in a toxic relationship with a man who doesn’t really love her or treat her with respect. Stepping in to stand up for what a woman deserves, Andy woos her with the possibility of finding real romance.