Nov 26

News: @rickyrozay (Rick Ross) Is “Disappointed” That Timbaland Leaked Tink’s Version Of “Movin Bass”

rick ross

In an interview with Sway, Rick Ross expresses his disappointment in Timbaland for leaking out another version of his “Hood Billionaire” single “Movin Bass.”

Timbaland caused a stir last week when he leaked out what he called the “original version” of the Rick Ross and Jay Z track he had recently produced, “Movin Bass.” Apparently, Rick Ross wasn’t happy about the way he handled the situation. In a new interview with Sway, Rozay expresses his disappointment in the producer:

“Timbaland released his version that I was real disappointed in hearing. Me and Jay created the original version. That’s one of the records we vibed up when we had a couple sessions. Of course, Timbaland produced it, and I went by the studio before and he played be the version and I was like, ‘I see what you did, but chill on that. We doin’ our thing on that.’ I was disappointed in homie on that.”

In the end though, Ross concluded that, “We bigger than that. We bosses.”

Nov 25

[New Music] @MrReeves1- “Aint Nobody” {Dir By: @KwanLee}

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 2.35.15 AM

The latest single from Ms. Reeves takes us into a day in the life. Hard work and determination is the mantra of this track.

Mr. Reeves will be dropping his latest mixtape “Henny Black” very soon so stay tuned to check that out. Until then, enjoy these fun playful visuals for “Aint Nobody.”

Nov 24

New Music: @ComptonsBuck “Whoop”

It won’t be long before the public will notice West Coast recording artist Billionaire Buck is simply undeniable in today’s popular music. His new record, “Whoop” is only living testament to that as the record shows Buck flexing his established luxury wordplay and infectious radio-friendly hooks. As his current single, “Around Da Way” continues climbing the airwaves on both commercial and SiriusXM radio rotation. “Whoop” supplies a extra serving of great new music from the Compton, California native and fans will enjoy but can’t wait to get more from the newcomer. Hustler of the Year2 arranged for Winter release.