Detroit’s 11-year-old Brooklyn Queen is keeping pace with her growing fanbase as she brings us the official visual for “EMOJI”, which you can get now on iTunes and Apple Music via BMB Entertainment here:

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Mark Money – Learn your Lesson (Official Music Video) | Shot by @theofficialtrep

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Afghan-American rapper SIP, one of the fastest growing artists in the New England Region just dropped his debut mixtape “JY23” (Jordan Year 23). Stream his new mixtape now courtesy of He held his release event on Sunday night to a large crowd at New Hampshire’s hottest club, Whiskey’s 20.

For those who aren’t familiar, Sifathullah Woodod “SIP” is an young and talented hip hop/rap recording artist looking to make his mark on the world. Born on June 5th, 1994 in Flushing Queens, Sip was raised in an Afghan-American household. As conservative and cultured his Afghan-influenced environment may have been, his family, friends and fellow community members were always supportive of his capabilities. Growing up, he strives to work hard in everything he set his mind to.

Sip continually strives to spread love and acceptance throughout all of his lyrics. It’s this same love that brought him through his ups and downs in his life, the same love he has persistently fought for throughout his changing environments. Sip has continued to drop high-quality music with top-notch production to attract a mainstream crowd, all while fostering the same message culture is not necessarily black nor white. Music is unity; music is the culture that brings everyone together.

In addition to music, Sip also manages several businesses for his family. A fast-food restaurant, a a studio production business, and formerly a hookah lounge. A firm believer in hard-work, he plans on going into the industry independently.

Sip has always had a love for music. He’s been recording since he was 16, but didn’t get serious till December of 2014, when he asked for his family’s support to try and make his dreams become a reality. Several weeks later, he dropped his very first video, “Flex”. Not only does he want to create music, but he wants to make a statement. His team and supporters are called the “Culture Movement”, and SIP and company have created a fresh clothing line that is gaining strong traction in his region.

Watch SIP’s eye-popping video “Higher” which was shot at the world famous Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH:

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yung gwapa

Yung Gwapa elevates his brand heavy in the streets in new video

From the streets of Chi-town to avenues of Black Hollywood in Atlanta, Yung Gwapa is surging
back into the ears and eyes of the masses with a new mixtape and the first video for the single
“Dope Pusher”.

Gwapa making moves from the hood to the laundromat getting his exercise on moving and proceeding
to the next level featuring Street, with a major goal on hand, which is securing the bag
by any means necessary.

“Dope Pusher” comes off the brand new mixtape “T.L.2” hosted by Dj Mil-Ticket and Dj Amaris found on Livemixtapes,Spotify
and other mixtape platforms. This is just the start of whats to come from Gwapa.

Watch the new video on JennThePR

Thank you for taking time with us P.Digga. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.
My name is P.Digga aka The CoalCity, I’m from Enugu, Nigeria.

What’s the meaning behind your name?
As I started freestyling with my friends during my high school days and was getting known by the whole students at that time. The name P.Digga came along as my school mates who believe I will get paid in music industry gave me the name. The P actually stand for pay, Although many call me Play after learning I can act films. The CoalCity tells people the exact place where I was born.

You’re an artist and aspiring actor/director. Tell us what your motivation was to get involved in the entertainment industry?
The notable celebrities who inspired me to culture myself into making music and films was likes of Ice Cube, Queen Latifah & 50 Cent. They played a big role that drafted me to comprehend I could do both creating music and acting along.

Tell us about some of the cameo’s, appearances & roles you’ve done as an actor?
The character I played in Tormenta feature film was “Stanley” which was Executive produced by Houston Community College. I also played others roles like “Zeal” in a Speed dating documentary, a “rapper” in Perils of Night School and so on.

For those who may not have heard your music, how would you describe it?
My music are very motivational, so I recommend they give it a listen.

Currently what single you are pushing and where can we find it?
I have a single with DJ Chose called “like a stripper” which is available on SoundCloud and other streaming services. I’m looking forward to dropping a new single soon. The name of the song is “tell you something” off my upcoming project “The Versatile”.

You have an upcoming EP ‘The Versatile’, what can we expect from this project?
The Versatile is a combination of trap and pop records in one tape. Fans can expect to hear something different like singing. I got songs in English, Pigeon English and my native language. the intention behind “The Versatile” EP was to prove people I can create all kinds of music in different ways to access fans all over the world.

What’s the vibe like when you’re in the studio working? What are some of your ‘must haves’?
Music is my addiction and that’s my first love, it’s one of things that makes me happy. I feel very accomplishment when I’m in the studio working. My must haves will be Jewelries, houses, foreign cars and boats. Already building a mansion in Africa which will be completed soon I travel.

Give us 3 words that describe P.Digga the Artist / Entrepreneur?
P.Digga stands for Play, Skills, and versatile

What’s next for P.Digga?
Right now, I am working on The Versatile EP and also working to produce my first feature film which still in the very early stage of pre-production. The film will have scenes in the United States and Africa.

Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc]
They can follow me on my social media:
Instagram: TheCoalCity
Twitter: itspdigga
Bookings: africanondeckmusic@gmail

Any Shout Outs?
Shout out to my partner A-Q for helping place my music to right radio stations in Nigeria.

For South Central based rapper Bale, every day is a blessing. You wouldn’t know it if you saw him, but less than a year ago Bale spent 29 days in the hospital after suffering 28 shots from head to toe on his birthday. Not only did that almost cost him his life, but that ended his chance of pursuing a scholarship in football at a D-1 school where he was enrolled.

Bale is lucky to be alive and he’s unquestionably a survivor with an unmatched will to live. But luck doesn’t just happen – you have to make luck happen. You have have right frame of mind to get through the hard times when you were at the wrong place at the wrong time and life dealt you a bad hand. Bale has a playbook for that triumphant road to recovery and he gives it to you in the rawest form on his project H.T.S.M (Hard. Times. Shaped. Me.)

“I’m from South Central, I grew up on Normandie, the oldest out five kids so naturally I feel like I’m a leader,” Bale explained. “I think Bale the rapper and Bale the person are the same. I try to be as transparent as possible in the music, so listeners know me as an artist and as a person. Great music always comes from a place of truth and to do anything well you have you know yourself. I find myself, finding myself through the music.”

Fans will be able to hear that struggle, passion and pain on his upcoming H.T.S.M. effort that in a sense documents Bale’s road to recovery both mentally and physically. Part of the process for Bale’s recovery involved linking with longtime West-Coast staple Krondon, a founding member of Hip-Hop super-group Strong Arm Steady and famed songwriter in Hip-Hop.

“I linked with Krondon like two months after I got out the hospital through the big homie B.Fin. To have a West Coast legend champion me is not only an honor but a blessing” Bale said. “If you ask me, I’d say he’s saving my life. He’s helping me get out a situation that almost tore my family apart and now helping me get in position to where I can change those circumstances.”
For now main focus is promoting his project H.T.S.M (Hard. Times. Shaped. Me.), which has given Bale an opportunity to harness his new perspective on life. Leading up to the release Bale will be dropping several tracks and videos from project that prep listeners for a well-rounded and truthful album.

“I feel like hard times shape us all – we’ve all been through something in life. When you come out the situation it makes you a better person,” Bale said of his upcoming project set for release on August 2nd, the same day he was shot.

“Music is like therapy and I get shit off my chest. It’s food for the soul and it’s helped me stay on track. You know the mental and emotional effects you go through after being shot? The shit you think about man? I’m glad to have music in my life, I thank God everyday for it and I don’t take if for grated because it was almost taken away from me.”

Chicago artist Smoke is Mota has been making noise on the west side of Chicago for some time. He is a part of Problems Make Visionaries (PMV). PMV is a team of individuals who have come together with the common idea to make dope music for the people. Listen to Smoke is Mota – Five Crazy Nights and tell us what you think.

Don’t get it twisted, Smoke is Mota is definitely not new to the game. He’s done shows all over the Mid-West and abroad. His music has blazed the airwaves throughout the entire nation. He’s been featured on a number of my “Smoked Out Radio” mixtapes, as well as 100+ other mixtapes. All of this has led Smoke is Mota to getting booked for paid shows. He’s opened for several major artists, and has been contacted by media outlets for interviews and appearances. Just recently Smoke is Mota was interviewed by Skilly magazine (click here for interview).

After a short hiatus Smoke is Mota, is back with all new material on his new project titled “Five Crazy Nights”. Five Crazy Nights is a five track effort which is led by “Loud” produced by Trumaine Jordan. In the current state of hip-hop it takes more than talent to stand out from the crowd of hungry artists. Smoke is Mota has the talent, and he has his business together, now its grind time to reach the people.

Connect with Smoke is Mota on Twitter @Smoke_is_Mota and visit his site Smoke Official.

Stream his music on Pandora RadioApple MusicSoundCloud. Listen to Smoke is Mota – Five Crazy Nights below and tell us what you think.

John Jigg$ releases “French Quarter” video off his new LP “Twin Cannons” produced entirely by Sweden’s own K Sluggah.  Although portrayed as cool, calm, and collected in character the message is quite the opposite.  Jigg$ is notorious  for depicting New York and isn’t discreet prevailing as a  street trooper in the realm of Hip Hop.   He continues to receive immense amounts of recognition as a viable artist in the Hip Hop industry by such legends as Kid Capri, Lord Finesse, and Grand Daddy IU. “Twin Cannons” is available now at retail stores and on all digital music outlets.


The 7th annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival will kick off at Roy Wilkins Park on July 23rd. This year we are expecting a large turnout of 20,000 people for New York’s Biggest Caribbean food festival. Headliners such as Morgan Heritage, Allison Hinds, Konshens and Barrington Levy are all set to take the stage giving us a taste of the classic hits we know and love.

Known as the ‘The female Vybz Kartel’ HoodCelebrityy will be the opening act, prepping the crowd for the main stage acts. Hood was featured on Cardi B’s ‘Back It Up’ with Konshens, as well as dropping her own hits such as ‘Island Girl’ and ‘Sit Down.’

Her mixtape ‘Rap vs. Dancehall’ is a plethora of straight vibes and heat. This tape is very reminiscent of Vybz ‘Pon di Gaza’ especially with the rhythms and the cutthroat lyrics that make you wanna bruk ya waist, but at the same time turn up. Catch Hood shutting down the stage at the Jerk Festival.



Video link:

When word hits the street that a new album from an artist you like is about to come out that usually means fans will be up for a little digging on the details. A  bit of research never hurts, and sometimes the nugget of knowledge you might get from looking into it is usually well worth it. This is the case with dancehall phenom IamStylezMusic who is about to deliver his highly anticipated work titled Back To My Roots is rumoured to drop later this summer.The Jamaican artist has put into motion the release of a single and an accompanying video to appease curiosity leading up to the main event.

IamStylezMusic has got something super hot happening with “Hey Mama Africa” in both terms of sound and also visual appeal to really drive home the desired vibe of the song. Many hyped up fans that follow his YouTube channel got to experience a teaser video for it as posted on July 7th, which has since then been shared across multiple social media platforms. The minute long snippet reveals the song is catchy for sure and also features exotic undertones as captured by the dancing ladies flanking him as he sings.

With this big news comes the likelihood of people lining up to buy the tune when it comes is usually pretty high, except these days when the only action required is the click of the finger which usually leads to a greater number of sales. That’s right, with technology at the forefront getting music to the interested parties is more about drumming up just enough intrigue for an online action rather on than pushing an initiative that relies on in store purchases. The exclusive world premiere of the single “Hey Mama Africa” will be available by digital download on the artist’s website starting on July 21st.


Artist: IamStylezMusic
Song: Its A Pitty