It’s often said in life that there is a thin line between love and hate. Could that apply in a brother hood or friend ship? Is there a distinction between friend or foe? Or is it common human instinct to show case these flaws? Journey through the lives of 2 friends aspiring to make it in the rap game. They both put in work over the years but suddenly one of them gets the chance of a life time and things start to go hay wire in their friendship.

Tha Advocate and J.D. Artist- Best Friend (Directed by Tha Advocate and Monstar Films)

off of Tha Advocate and Ballerstatus present The Digital Dynasty Album -( Free Download or Hard Copy Purchase here- )

off of J.D. Artist- Story Of My Life (Album)

Video Directed by : Tha Advocate and Monstar Films
story by : Tha Advocate
song produced by : Jake Fresh

Starring- Codell “Codizzle” Hall, Rob “Sketch Architect” Melhado, Devin “Dlemma” Morris, Tha Advocate, K-Lion, J.D. Artist, Shawn Blayze, Tim “Mr. Hours” Turner and William “Ding” Artist.

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