Who Is This New Hard Working Artist EG?

Alex Amartey Amamoo is a dominant underground image followed by many! As a child he began rapping around 9 years old. He hasn’t stopped since as far as fans see it, and by his material it doesnt sound like the end is anywhere near! His material is motivating and jealousy doesn’t affect this humble artist. Birmingham artist have been appreciative of him putting Birmingham in the “Underground Limelight” by mentioning his territory on almost every track if not every.

         EG Da Trojanman wrote his first rap around 9 and letsome friends hear it, from that point on he knew this was what he wanted his life to revolve around. He says it wasn’t just his public approval that had him motivated, but a family history of music that had him feeling artistic with words.

Who Is EG’s Closest Influence?

Alex Amamoo’s frandfather was a Blues Singer, and a good one at that. Sadly the style went down in popularity reflecting in depression and loss of work! His grandfather was from Memphis. Where he went back and drank himself to death from the depression that had set in from blues culture slowing down… EG said, I know that is where my talent derives from!

Where Can I See His Work, And Is It Professional?

He is found on iHeartRadio, YouTube, Datpiff, SoundCloud, Reverbnation & many other sites! Alex has a hit called “A Playa Gotta Have It” Featured on “Radio Playlist” Vol. 2 which came with extremely amazing vocal/instrumental production. How professional is his video/stage performance? Well, personally quite far above the average on the rise… You tell us what you think !

EG Da Trojanman Music Videos

EG Da Trojanman “Hate” *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO* Discussing Haters!

“Open Your Eyes” *Underground Video* Discussing Racism Hurting Us!

“What It Do?” *Mainstream Video* Discussing The Grind!

Does He Blend With Artist? Here’s a Few Collaborations!

EG Da Trojanman “A Playa Gotta Have It” Ft. Bobby Womack *Audio Only*

WizRhymes “Hood Model” Ft. EG Da Trojanman *Audio Only*!

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-Wizzy Rhymes

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