#NewMusic: @ReeseChubbs “Bad Dreams” [Audio]

Newcomer Reese Chubbs wants to tell you about a ‘Bad Dream’ he had and once you hear it, you will understand why it must be expressed. The Philly native has had a long road to get his voice hard by the masses.  After a rough upbringing and a life of hustling that lead him to some very dark places, Chubbs is focused on the music and the art of storytelling.

Hard hitting and as raw as they can come, Chubbs takes you back to when hip hop was ore than just what car you drive or what bottle you can buy. He paints pictures and takes you to places that at times may get ‘too real’ for the casual hip hop lover.
Chubbs is doing what few rappers are doing in this day an age, telling a story that is not from a carefully constructed image but from his life. His motto is “If I rap it, I lived it.”
Listen to “Bad Dreams” here:

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