In the words of Mc Shan “Queens is the place where stars are born”! With several noticeable emcees to come out of “The Bridge” Nas has been the star that has shined the brightest for quite some time. The success that Nas has obtained has opened doors for QB emcee’s to take their shot at obtaining success.

Enter into the game: Millionaire Gang

Who is comprised of Nas brother Jungle & the talented QB emcee Mike Delorean who’s been tinkering on the edge of making a breakthrough in the industry. The duo is ready to finally to make an impact in the industry. Millionaire Gang gives us their first offering “Millionaire” in which Delorean paints a vivid picture of the many vixens that he’s had “relations” with and the money that he get’s that makes him feel like a “Millionaire”. Look out for a an Ep by “Millionaire Gang”to drop in the upcoming weeks as the duo gear up to set the game on fire with their style of music.

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