New Video: @JosiahHotwire “Moonshine”

Josiah Hotwire is name that you should get very familiar with. The Harlem native is a hardworking renaissance emcee whose drive is sure to propel him to meteoric heights. Josiah (whom he gets his name from an African King) has made his rounds across the country as he’s been promoting his mixtape “Can’t Take Me Down” which has garnered the attention and respect of the international hip-hop community. Josiah isn’t resting on his laurels as the Harlem emcee has a new visual for his hit single “Moonshine”, the single that DJ Kay Slay co-signed and has in regular rotation on his mix show. With a catchy hook “Shooting for the moon/ and if I fall then I’m still a star/ baby you can see me from afar” the tone is set for the rest of the track as Josiah lyrically paints a picture of hard work, perseverance and the mentality of one who’s not going to stop until he accomplishes his goal of making it to the top! Checkout Moonshine and lookout for more music from Josiah in the upcoming weeks!

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