#NewVideo @RoccoMoon mtn


L.A. based artist rocco moon has been receiving quite the buzz as of late. Having caught a premiere over at 2 Dope Boyz for his previously released video “rain”, the Michigan native gets back in touch with his roots in the visually stimulating, “mtn”. Merging his version of Hip Hop with simplistic things such as nature make rocco an interesting character in the combo meal menu of artists today. The rising talent also produces and can hold a note, making him a triple threat.

The video begins as moon and crew head out for a mountainous adventure that finds the crew hiking and partaking in a tribal like dance trot which leads to a dope ending. We witness rocco meditating as well as actually trekking thru snow waist deep. It’s a video that needs to be seen rather than explained. The song will be featured on his upcoming project titled “alovone”. Without further ado, here’s rocco moon in “mtn”.