Last year at this time,Multiple award winning dj, Dj Iceman (Robert Anderson) launched Big Boss Ent, a small company providing placement oppertunities for artists with small budgets. “I know a lot of artists didnt have $3000 to spent to get their video on Worldstar. they didnt have the budget to go to the large outlets and get seen, but they could come to me an i would get them on small to mid-tier sites as a stepping stone to get to where they want to be” and it worked. in that span of a year Dj Iceman has done over 150 blog write ups and placed 200 videos to sites all over the web. he went from one standard package to over 20 ranging from small ($25 for 5 sites) to large (the $200 “Master Plan” package) and has expanded to social media promotion,launched 2 successful blogs (Big Boss Ent blog,and All City Video) picked up some sponsors and affiliates and is in the works of launching a mixtape series. “im just trying to get everything on the right track so when artists come to me,i can get them everything they need. once they get it they can feel good knowing that they invested in themselves and that its gonna pay off” “and everything is affordable. there is no reason why an artist thats just starting out shouldnt have top quality promo like the more established artists” with this reasoning,we see Big Boss Ent is gonna be around for a long time to come.

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