Fayn is an up and coming artist and entertainer from Miami,Fl. Growing up in low income neighborhood of Allapattah was far from sunshine, beaches, and palm trees. Despite his surroundings he still kept a positive outlook on life with great mother to remind him of what faith, hard work, and perseverance can do.

At the age of 12 Fayn was no stranger to the social injustices around him. As an outlet he began to write poetry and was inspired by the emotional connection he had with the content and powerful delivery of DMX’s music. Less than a year later, Fayn started turning poems into lyrics. Fayn’s passion and love for hip-hop grew as he discovered the music of Biggie, Jay-z, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, 2pac, Ice Cube, Dr.Dre and Eminem. By the age of 14, Fayn had written his first song.

Fayn began perfecting his craft at 17 after a brief Incarceration and a nearly fatal car accident taught him not to waste his time or his talent. This has led to release of multiple projects titled One Shot One Kill, Definition of an MC, Reminisce Contemplated Thoughts, So Far So Good Mixtape and The SFSG Ep. Fayn’s message through his lyrics is “Anything is Possible.” He wants to impact people positively and show that his relentlessness, creativity, honesty, and passion won’t go in vain.

Currently Fayn is completing his 6th and 7th project entitled ”Grind Before Glory” and ”Better Than My Last”. These projects will show evidence that his parents, his pain, his city, and his past have been an influential piece in creating his craft. It’s a great interpretation of the road taken that has led to Fayn’s success. He set higher goals, each one harder than the next and achieved them while others doubted. Throughout all his trials and tribulations Fayn is still optimistic enough to believes that there’s no success without struggle, there’s no glory without grind, and truly believes the game has saved the best for last.

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Instagram & Twitter: @FaynMusic

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