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Lyricist, Peleboy is live and direct with his new video “I Know You Want This.” The Tony K produced track features a catchy Kendrick Lamar sample. If you’re tardy to the party, Tony K has garnered some attention as of late because of his production of a Tupac Vs. Game of Thrones mashup album The Don Killuminati: The Seven Kingdoms. As for Peleboy’s “I Know You Want This” is the latest single from his album Hennessy Dreams that will drop later this year. Now a Los Angeles resident, Peleboy is balancing his music career while pursuing an acting career. Peleboy recently caught up with RapMusicPromo and discussed his relationship with Suge Knight who he says he still speaks with while he’s in jail.

RapMusicPromo: So you and Suge Knight chat frequently. How did you guys connect?

When I first met Suge Knight, I was 20 years old. I worked on his reality show [“Suge Knight’s Unfinished Business”] for about 2 weeks. It was pretty intense but exciting at the same time. Tupac has always been one of my favorite artists, so it made sense to do the show since I grew up listening to Death Row Records.

RapMusicPromo : How cool was that?

I actually didn’t know it was for Suge Knight until I signed the paperwork, which also stated that you couldn’t sue, no matter what happened on the show. I was the new guy, so I got tested the first day. The show was about Suge Knight starting up a new record label. And we were people working with the label to find new talent. My first day we went to Saddle Ranch in the evening. We were split up into teams, guys and girls. We started drinking. I pulled my mixtape out at one point. I was asked to freestyle on the spot by our team leader, Suge’s boy Nino. So I did. Later we started going around the table talking about what we do. When I said music and acting. Suge asked me to spit something so I did. Then he asked me to freestyle so I did. A few minutes later I got a couple guys behind me asking me where I’m from. And questioning me. I was all new to this so I thought it was some kind of joke. So I got three guys talking shit to me, plus other guys posted up on the wall. haha So we were exchanging words. They all wanted to get down. I’m telling them. ‘lets go one on one.’ But they all wanted get down at the same time. In between that drama there was other shit going on, as you see in the trailer, the part where Suge burns the G Unit shirt. So me and these guys kept talking shit, and I knew it was real when the cameras weren’t even on us anymore. It got down to me and one guy, telling me to follow him. I said you’re by yourself now, let’s do it now right here. At that point, the show was pretty much cut for the night and people came in between and broke it up. But I can see that all these guys still looked mad. I didn’t have a car or a ride home at the time, so I had my homie come through, and he came strapped up just incase. I had somewhat of a manager at the time who was telling me to get off the show and stay away. I almost did but I said fuck it. And continued the show.

RapMusicPromo: So how did the whole Suge Knight connection come into play?

Suge had a special room for meetings called the Red Room, which was all red and had no windows (self explanatory). So we would meet at the Towers, and Suge and our team leader would talk to us about what we have to do. When it came down to it, I was never scared of Suge. Suge was actually very smart, and would kick knowledge and game to us. It was his homies I had to keep an eye on. But the same guys I almost got into it with, actually ended up being real cool. I chopped it up with them and everything was all good. When I told one of the guys my age he was actually surprised, because they were a lot older than me. Later throughout the show, we were split up in pairs of 2, to go to the hood and find talent. Me and my guy had to go to Compton. We hit up a few different spots including the Compton Swap Meet. Some of these artists were real dope too. I definitely had to keep my eyes peeled tho, cuz I wasn’t in my hood The last spot we went to that night, was like an alley in the dark. The camera guys said last time they went there, guns were pulled out. But when we go there the artist were cool, and could spit. We ended up having a showcase at a spot in North Hollywood, that night, with all these artist from Inglewood, Watts, South Central, and Compton. There was one fight that broke out, but aside from that it was all good. The last day I was there, I was supposed to have a one on one meeting with Suge. I waited all day since the morning. But when he finally got there, we still didn’t have the meeting because he had to handle another situation. I ended up leaving to go to work. There was one more day left, and I said fuck it, it’s one more day, so I didn’t go.

RapMusicPromo: How do you feel about how Suge’s career has panned out?

It’s an unfortunate situation that happened with Suge Knight. Who’s to say if any of that was meant to happen or not. I know that if somebody is in a life threatening position, you really don’t have time to think. You just gotta make a move and hope for the best. At the end of the day, God is the real judge.

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