Music News: @zeekos_way88 Set To Release New Mixtape “ZeekosWay V2”

Solo’s back at it again with the second installment to his ‘ZeekosWay’ mixtape series. ‘ZeekosWay Volume 2’ is set for release in January of 2017. In contrast to the first installment, he takes the road less traveled, and passionately gives fans a vivid tour of his past experiences. He remains true to his melodic rap style, yet he takes it to higher musical heights, as he’s more explicit and hardcore than what fans are used to.

The mixtape’s production is top of the line, as it features beats from heavy hitters such as Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia. The tape comes together cohesively, and does an exceptional job at bringing the fan closer to the artist. This project offers a more sharpened, and experienced version of Solo. His evolution as an artist is apparent.