New Video: Rebel “RG” General – Wit Them Shytz Ft. Kyng Diago

Rebel “RG” General is an American Hip Hop Artist hailing from Olympia Fields, Ill on November 28th, 1992. Growing up under poverty strickern situations. RG’s family moved further from the city to Richmond Park, Ill before later moving to Park Forest. Ill.

Around the age of 4 RG was moved to the Southwest which later became his home and main area of operation. Living in the Southwest exposed RG to many different cultural situations as the area of Las Cruces, NM is a predominately latino community. He embraced it. In wanting to give back through his music he developed a style to represent the land and named it Thrill Music with a more upbeat dark combination and delivery complimented by superior industry producers on his instrumentals he is a complete artist, knowing the ends and outs of the business he chose the independent route. In early 2012 he moved away to Los Angeles, California where he lived couch to couch until being taken in by legend Hollywood local DJ, Dj Nader. In his stay with Nader he exposed RG to various different styles of music which allowed RG’s mind to open fully. RG’s ability to write full songs including catchy choruses allowed him to live early on in his career. In 2014 following linking up with his current manager and friend Andre they were able to send RG on a small radio tour which wrapped with RG perfuming on a local Radio station along side guest Twisted Sister which was released live to the tristate area. Following wrapping up the tour he released R3B3Ls And Goblins EP on iTunes and all major distributors. Currently RG has been recording his newest EP Titled “11:11” that is to be released through MaXed Out Ent November 28th, 2016. October 2016 RG will deliver his newest single (Wit them shytz feat. Kyng Diago) along with a World Star Hip Hop video drop to finally expose him to the world. After that he will follow up with his second single (SQVAD) early November. RG’s name comes from his team the R3B3Ls which he is considered the creator of.

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