SkyyCaptain Releases The New Song “Pave The Way” | @SkyyCapTC23

New single from rising indie SkyyCaptain

Introducing the birth of cool SkyyCaptain Frikko an artist from Inland Empire CA has
made his way around southern Cali with promotion of his latest art work “SkyyCaptain
and the World of Tomorrow” where he touches on the way youth and society is headed
for the near future observing his remenisant style of hip hop and west cost
flavor is a temptation to the ear like none other.Started his career
in late 2010 when he began working with the Team Captains consisting of Wordz of Gunz
RayClev and him self they proceeded to relesase a mixtape titled early 18s to include
showcases and promotion from there on SkyyCapt. has been moving forward with his music releasing his 4th mixtape “SkyyCaptain and the World of Tomorrow” in 2013 not to
mention his prior work such IE Summermixtape where his single “Above the Rim” is
featured Studio Lounge Vol. II and Real L.I.F.E.

Check out the new single “Pave The Way“.