City: Chicago

Genre: Rap

Key Single: “Hell Of It”

RUN DOWN: Rap Artist Ramonn was only a child when he started writing, he was 13 when he started recording songs. In 2016 his hit single Hanes ft Nando Desoda hit 100k plus views on youtube. He also dropped songs like “Problem remix” and “Hell Of It” that are receiving great numbers on youtube as well as other websites. While most up and coming artist struggle with their music image from sound to clothing, Ramonn is in full command of his identity and music sound. His new mixtape Boomerang which dropped March 25, 2017 is the arrival of a gifted and new talent, whose music seems familiar in the best way but also brings a new sound and energy to rap.

Early Life/Career

Born Rashad Ramon Harris on August 28, 1996 in Chicago Illinois. At an early age Ramonn discovered his love for music. He started writing his own lyrics at around age 13, then started recording a couple months later in his bedroom on his Ipod. His first performance was a couple years later in 2010 at his cousin’s truck party, since then he has performed at clubs, events, bar’s and etc. He landed his first big performance in 2016 at Belo Of Do Or Die’s birthday bash, performing his single Hell of it. Ramonn is featured on were he made artist spotlight of the week, with a short bio about himself and also on with a in studio interview.

Ramonn is currently promoting his new mixtape Boomerang that was released March 25, 2017 and has over 8k streams on MyMixtapez. He has done shows all over from Chicago, Ohio, St.Louis, Seattle, Miami, Mississippi. His plan is to have his new mixtape take his career to the next level. He is also working on a tour that will have other up and coming artist as headliners, so be looking out.

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