Image I and Afrikan Kartel are making rounds. Appearing in Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s talent show, performing at the People’s Film Festival,Sweet Auburn Festival and A-Town Day in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as other sold-out venues in Florida, and New York City, they’re getting busy!

Their song, Struggle Music is a favorite locally. 

A student of the game, Image I likes the brew that he and Afrikan Kartel are cooking.  “Coming from a West Indian Background, music has always been a part of my culture,” he told me. “Music was always playing on the radio in my home.  I grew up listening to soft rock, reggae, classic music,  country and western, Latin and Italian.”

In addition to the hot song, Image I will appear at the annual African American Day Parade Sunday, September 17, 2017. For more information, visit:





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