City: Chicago, IL.

Genre: Rap

Key Single: “No Pressure”

RUN DOWN: Yung Nervo was born Marcus Terrell Gayles on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois and raised in Northern Manassas, Virginia. Growing up he always had an ear for music. Being raised in church he was able to take his singing abilities he learned from being in the choir and mix it into his own projects. On the Christmas of 1999, Nervo received a karaoke machine which he used to hone his craft and make demo tapes for his family. It wasn’t until 2002 when he became serious and saved up enough money to purchase a condenser mic along with a preamp to start recording mixtapes. Having trouble finding beats that fit his style he began producing his own songs. After moving back to Chicago in 2011, Nervo began working with Chicago artist, Bo Deal, in collaborating music and shows. To date, Nervo has released a series of mixtapes. With the hunger of a brand new artist he continues to flow and structure hit songs that will soon catch on to the masses.

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