#News @JahnaSebastian Pioneers New Concept Titled Poetic Fashion Story

Singer, songwriter, producer, and model Jahna Sebastian is a woman of many talents. Her passion for creativity and fashion inspired her to collaborate with designer Biblos Glasgow for her new collection ‘The Opulent Queen.’ Ms. Sebastian pioneered a new concept that she titled ‘Poetic Fashion Story’ where she writes a poem to describe each image of a shoot. This is a new innovative concept that is a mix of fashion and poetry where a model brings the photos to life with words.

Ms. Sebastian wrote a poem to express the photos she modeled. This is a new way of an artist and designer collaboration that brings a true vision to life. This innovative shoot is the first of its kind and Ms. Sebastian is once again ahead of the curve in this iconic, brilliantly shot photoshoot. Ms. Sebastian stated that the collection truly connected with her. The shoot was shot by celebrity photographer Amit Bansal. Journalist Serena Hussain conducted a special interview with Deborah Glasgow about her work as a designer and the collection during the shoot.