Bossman “Law & Order II” | @BossmanTheGod

law and order
phrase of law
a situation characterized by respect for and obedience to the rules of a society.

The aforementioned term was created to help protect Americans, to keep them safe and provide our society with a check & balance system to provide justice to the people. Unfortunately this is no longer the case for people of color. In urban communities there is no such thing as “Law & Order”. The same system that was set up to protect us is killing us at an alarming rate, and people don’t feel safe. Bossman knows this all to well as the Baltimore native deals with the lack of Law & Order on a daily basis in the streets of Baltimore. Just like in every urban community in the US he’s not only had to battle with the struggles of living in said community, but also the perils of a criminal justice system that isn’t for him or the people of the community. How can you win? When people are being killed for obeying the law and true justice isn’t being served.

With his new project “Law & Order II” the sequel to his breakout project, Bossman channels the frustrations of life without Law & Order and gives us his perspective, and that of the people of Baltimore with his new project. Bossman ‘s stellar lyricism coupled with great production, gives the struggles of the people a voice, as he gives us what life is like in Baltimore without Law & Order. With standout singles “Letter to Jay Z, Shottas, Off the Record and Still Lit.”Bossman gives forth a solid body of work while providing a soundtrack to injustice. Our criminal justice system is broken and we can’t afford to lay down and accept it.

Checkout Bossman’s new project “Law & Order II” and listen to the voice of the people!


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