Dj Iceman Launches His Beat Site

Dj Iceman has been a dj for 34 years. he is a Worldwide Wu-Tang Coalition Dj, and a few months ago stepped into the realm of beatmaking. he has already had a track featured on Filthy Fingers United “Passport” Beat tape, and his own The Live Five Beat Tape has gotten over 70,000 views (and 5,000+ downloads) on Datpiff. and this past weekend he launched his own site, “It’s a simple site with a store and some of my videos” he stresses the need for artists and producers to control their own content. “As we just seen in the past few weeks with Soundcloud,these platforms aren’t gonna be around forever,and it’s way better to own your content and your platform so you can have total control of what you do” with leases at $30 and exclusives for $150 its a great way for artists to get quality beats at reasonable prices. “I just want to supply the world with the dope Boom-Bap” and he will do it for years to come