Video: UnderBoss ‘Believe That’ ft. Haroldlujah – @FlawlessEnt_LLC

Underboss is a true product of his environment, so it was only right to name his album accordingly. He exceeds all expectations in his native city with new hit, featuring Haroldlujah.

Born and raised in Houston, TX north side of town in Acres Home. Child hood inspirations Pimp C, 2 pac, Jay-Z, Notorious Big, and J. Prince of Rap-a-lot Records. In my early adolescent years I always had love for music when I sold cassette tapes to put money in my pocket. After losing my grandmother at age 14 it opened my eyes to the world around me. I had to become a man fast to provide for myself cause everyone around me was out for themselves. I put my life experiences from present and past into my lyrics. Everyone has a struggle and a story to tell so the best way to get to know me is thru my music. I cover all aspects of life in my raps from the street life, relationships, family, fake friends and foes. Its more to the UnderBoss than just rap its a way of life with Flawless that strives me to be the entrepreneur I am today.