Detroit Sensation K Tha Ruler Drops His Latest Single “Plottin”

“I get higher than the moon, watch me elevate” -K Tha Ruler

K Tha Ruler born as Khiri Johnson in Detroit, recalls riding around with his father as a child discussing Hip Hop music and the culture versus what the media portrayed Hip Hop to be.  It was those enlightened moments that led K Tha Ruler to the mighty pen and paper, “and I haven’t stopped since”!

Those life lesson’s and knowledge shared with K Tha Ruler is evident in his latest single “Plottin”.  With no mention of guns, violence, or exploitation of sex, K describes his come-up over a soulful and melodic beat.  He truly enhances the essence of what can be pegged as an old school track.

“I turn into a landmine when I step into the booth” – K Tha Ruler