T.H.E. Honoroll Releases The Latest Project “SZN V-No Skits” | @thehonoroll

Mr. “Ryno” Adams has been steadily working with his team of artists and entrepreneurs for 2 years. After receiving publicity from sites such as Hot 97, Thisis50.com, Hip Hops Revival and more, T.H.E. Honoroll has been building up an online presence as well as a fan base in the Midwest. Currently, Ryno is working on 4 more projects to be released in the next 2 months, with other artists from the group gearing up to release music in early 2018. Armed with a team of producers from the Midwest, Florida, North Carolina, Brazil, and Bordeaux, France; Ryno and T.H.E. Honoroll are poised to make history all over the world.