Watch Noah Archangel’s Official Video “Black Lotus” | @noahofhtx

In a generation of evolving talents, many new artists are gradually hitting the limelight with their innovative thoughts and ideas. ‘Band of the Hawk’ is a group of some of the best-talented souls that have evolved with time with their innovative style of Hip Hop music creations. They have recently released their first single, ‘Black Lotus’ which is already a massive hit among creative music lovers.

‘Black Lotus’ features Noah Archangel, the lead singer of ‘The Band Of the Hawk’, who has returned back with this single from his perpetual project titled ‘The Machine Wars: The Song Of Solomon.’ Black Lotus not only entitles the first single released this year but it also associates Noah Archangel as the director of his debut video.

The visual features of ‘Black Lotus’ are exceptionally remarkable which further enhances the quality of the single track. The theme of the song accompanied by spectacular visuals of outer space and resonating stars creates a marvelous journey gracefully unfolding the interesting concept of the song. The performance of the competent artists is balanced, professional and intriguing.