Recording Artist Stakz Devtio Releases “Audible Diesel II” Album @StakzDevito

Originally from Addison, Illinois Salvatore Orestano recalls his life as a hustler early on in his childhood experiencing the loss of his mother and clinging to the street life to cope.

“I’ve always been about hustling and stacking my money, and as a young teenager I related all too well to Tommy Devito from “Goodfellas” hence my known name now as Stakz Devito” 

Because Stakz was consumed by the streets along with pent up pain he often sought out his pen and paper as an escape.  “I would go in my room, put headphones on and just vibe out”! Writing rhymes became as natural as breathing in air and Stakz found himself especially drawn to the culture of Hip Hop.  Although at that time in his life it was not enough to keep him out of prison.  Upon his release Stakz vowed to never return and begin living life and pursuing his dreams in the music industry. His influences shifted from the streets to loyal and hardworking family and friends, and artists who shaped him such as N.W.A, Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, and Tech N9ne, and Jay Z.

“I have my own style; I’m not boxed in… I stay lyrical and put my heart into every bar I spit”

Stakz debarked into the music scene with his debut album “Audible Diesel” and soon after released the sophomore album “Audible Diesel II”.  With much success he went on to perform at arenas from Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin duping recognition from major artists in particular Niko Is, artist under Talib Kweli and Kweli’s producer Thanks Joey.  Since then the three have collaborated on music. In addition, Stakz has opened up for Big Sean, Ces Cru, Do or Die, Jelly Roll, MGK, Katie Got Bandz, and Bubba Sparxxx.

From homelessness to prison to sold out arenas, Stakz continues to perfect his craft.  To date he is furthering his education in Recording Arts and working on upcoming projects that will keep Hip Hop alive and real!