[Interview] Introducing MVP (@malikstudios)

Recently Aidem Media Group hung out with with a new artist in the game, MVP and WE have the exclusive interview!!
[Interview] Introducing MVP (@malikstudios)
Tell us a little bit about your self?
I’m Half Italian and Black and I’m from Harlem born in Buffalo raised in Harlem NYC so I’m definitely a New Yorker, and like any New Yorker I’ve been all over the US but I have offspring living in the south and I have lived there on different occasions and I’m currently in NY now.. I’ve been running a music studio in NYC since about 2013 and the seriousness of the music increased now I’m on my 7th created album looking to get airplay and reach millions.. So I titled it Rags to Riches..
Favorite color? 
Favorite food?
Favorite artist and why?
Nas because he was mad deep and had rhythm..
What age was you when you got bit by the bug the music bug that is?
11 Years old
Who was some of your role model while coming up in the music industry?
Mostly like Nas, Jay, Biggie, and then 50 later on.. But definitely Tupac to top of the list..
What made you decide to get in your genre of music?
Well since I was little I use to be into run dmc, slick rick, and mostly I grew up in it. It was the 80’s it was what was happening back then.
What’s the name of your first single? 
wow well the first actual recorded track I can say I was on was with my two cousins we had a group called Logic and the song was called I Hop a TurnStyle and then it changed to Harlem Style that was like 91-92..
How did you come up with the name?
Well we chose Hop a Turn Style because we never used to have money to pay to get on the train so we used to hop the turn style to get on the train and that was like cool to us.. We changed it to Harlem Style later I think my manager was behind that but who knows.
What is your feed back on the direction of hip hop?
Well I think Hip Hop is like a spider web and each of us fit somewhere on it but we all have our place but the fans remain the same to me they still fans. Artist just gotta make something worth supporting. A lot of people say “it’s too this or that” but I just pay attention to the Billboard charts.. I feel like you should be able to make it on there to actually have something to say about where hip hop is as a culture or where it’s going. The numbers don’t lie you know..
Who is your favorite artist and why?
My favorite artist of all time is Biggie Smalls there no one testing that mans microphone ever..
If you could do a collabo with any artist who would it be and why?
I would collab with Kodak Black, Nipsey Hustle, Migos, Drake, Future and many of our talented hip hop artist who are topping the charts right now.. I listen to many styles..
So how does it  feel to get your music out to the masses?
It feels great because now I can have a chance to collect revenue for my work and that’s a huge blessing..
 [Interview] Introducing MVP (@malikstudios)
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