[Mixtape] @BG_Styx ‘Been Official’

During the dark time of incarceration Rashad Styx Brown positively channeled his thoughts into writing raps on a daily basis. He had left at a young age & realized just cause he was away Time wouldn’t wait for anyone. Hearing the frequently changed details from hood to the industry, that he soon wanted to enter made him determine to convey a different message. The hood he once loved changed so drastically, where long time friends became rivals, and loyalty became a distant memory. Industry took a turn where he felt everyone’s style became identical. “Been Official” was his way of relaying that through the circumstances he faced he had remained authentic in true to himself. He mentioned he would never fold under pressure nor befriend a foe to fit in he was made to stand out. Styx was family orientated & the Few Friends he did have became his family. Missing out on the opportunity of his youth despite feeling he had hit rock bottom he chose to remain optimistic knowing this could only get better from there.

[Mixtape] @BG_Styx 'Been Official'



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