Lyricaly Artistic

Midwest lyricist Lyricaly Artistic, also known as L.A., is diving headfirst into Summer 2018 with Twerk Dat, a banger to last all season long! With a tasteful feature from fellow Midwest rapper Cash-A-Nova, Twerk Dat is a feel-good record that elevates any atmosphere and prepares the listener for the ultimate turn up.

Raised in St. Louis, MO, L.A. developed a name around his town as a fluid emcee unafraid to speak his mind and proclaim his truth. His most recent album, the 52 track monster The Art of Rap, stands as one of the most extended bodies of work produced by an independent artist and houses some of L.A. best records; shining a spotlight on this rising voice from the Lou.

A firm believer in the authenticity of raw lyricism in rap music, Lyricaly Artistic shows listeners his sound is both bold and diverse with Twerk Dat and leaves his fans wondering what his imagination with produce next.