#NewVideo AMRKNS – Coogi Musik @AMRkNS_Official

AMRKNS is a driven musical duo with a passion for forward-thinking hip-hop vibes and appealing pop melodies, allowing the best of both worlds to collide perfectly within their own blend of sound and innovative musical productions. AMRKNS make tracks that are actually rooted in rap, but the pair creates broadly appealing productions that elude genres definitions, making for a refreshing and creative twist.

Their recent studio release is a perfect example of the act’s distinctive songwriting and performing approach. The release is titled “Coogi Musik”, and it does a great job of capturing the vision and aesthetics of this duo. In terms of production, this track feels rich and impactful, yet the arrangements are inspiringly minimalistic. The most important element of the mix is, of course, the vocal flow, which is witty, clever and direct. The dope rhymes are a great fit with the unmistakable thump of the 808-style drum machine, which is the true backbeat of this release.

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