Yowda X Lost God X Owe.Yuunngg – When

Just when you thought it was over!!! The Las Vegas King/ MMG Under Boss “Yowda” patches in with the stoner/warrior from the Golden state “Lost God” as well as fellow Golden stater “OWE.YUUNNGG” to give y’all the dj Official produced Rags to Riches tale “WHEN” addressing the subject matter addressing the subject matter of when you on the come up an people not wanting be around ignoring you etc. But when you got your sauce up everybody wants to be around like they was day ones smh… Anyway hit play an zone out to the “Maybach Music” “TNE” collabo an keep up with everybody via Twitter @LostGodTne IG @LostGod1618 Twitter/IG @1yowda IG Mr_fly_guy_110