@1Mdottaylor feat. El Pinche Mara “Smoke That Good”

Pair a California rapper with an up and coming Mexican rapper and what you get is a dope a song about how to light up the good good. M. Dot Taylor has teamed with rising rapper El Pinche Mara to create the perfect ode to good weed and leaving the other b.s behind.

With a catchy hook and some easy listening bars, M.Dot and Mara acknowledge that sometimes, life gets crazy as they trade bars about their own experiences. In this colorful lyric video, you get a glimpse at the visuals that M. Dot will present as he readies his debut project.

M. Dot Taylor may be new to some but he has been burning up the West Coast. His music garnered the attention of the original California O.G/. Ice T who has taken him under his wing and signed him to his label Final Level. Taylor has a unique flow that reminds you of classic hip-hop. He is a throw back to feel good music that catches you from the first few bars.