Cuban Pete (C75 Live/FNBG Records/GGO) and Wu Family/East Coast Killa Beez member Solomon Childs release “Cocaine Raw” over a bumping beat produced by DJ W.I.Z.

Cuban Pete, Hip Hop artist and graphic designer from the Midlands, teams up with Wu Family Solomon Childs to deliver a record bound to top the charts.  What can be more raw than pure cocaine? The answer is simple; two masterly skilled emcees who let no man keep them down from earned respect and success in the game.  Lyrically Pete describes the breakdown of raw cocaine, while Childs breaks down the rawness as an emcee, “I’m Hip Hop’s National Guard.”  He goes on to mention he performs night after night with no bodyguard.  The references used by both emcees are pure and “raw” genius!

The record is off of Cuban Pete’s upcoming mixtape “Renaissance Man”.  Listen to “Cocaine Raw” below.

Cuban Pete
Solomon Childs
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