Through the eyes of many Poppa Left resembles the average man next door. But what many don’t recognize is the skilled emcee reputed in Philly and Jersey.  You won’t see him flashing bills, cars, hoes, or claiming cliques. Everything about Poppa gives off old school vibes. He is quick to give a lyrical history lesson paying homage to the originators and elements of Hip Hop.  He is notorious for walking up to a mic at any given moment and dropping an unrehearsed freestyle in the true form of storytelling, for minutes without skipping a beat. Poppa is loyal to the culture and essence of Hip Hop.  The bliss of ignorance from others that associate Hip Hop with fashion statements, trends, or even violence has taken Poppa “Back to Basics”.  Let this be a tutorial for the world!

Listen to “Back to Basics” below.

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