#NewMusic DED STARK – ASHES @NateEarsley

“ASHES” is the second all original single from DED STARK and it showcases his more bluesy side. With a wavy beat and almost a hint of gospel in the delivery, STARK conveys a message that he is tired of being held back by fear of judgement, and is ready to move on to bigger and better things, ready to cut toxic people and energy out of his life. This is a vibey stony song to light up and scheme to.

DED STARK is a new moniker but the artist behind it has been making music since a very young age. From learning guitar, to leading multiple rock / blues bands, to “rapping” and producing his own beats, to becoming a fairly successful edm artist, STARK is now finally settling in, to what seems to be a career worthy project. Combining all of his experience and influences, he has come up with a unique sound that falls under the hip hop umbrella, but can be a little all over the place.