#NewMusic Soli – Of Another Time

“Of Another Time” describes a night of driving past glowing windows that seem to flaunt bygone eras, mirroring and melding past and present in an eerie prismatic moment. The song is a collaboration between New York vocalist Soli and producer Bosch Purvis. His fresh beats combined with Soli’s haunting melodies and full harmonies create a singular track that is both danceable and whimsically introspective.

Soli is a musician and interdisciplinary artist from Spring Valley, NY where she grew up harmonizing with her sisters and friends. She graduated from the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University in a self-directed program, where she fine-tuned a love of collaboration directing a slew of group projects.

For the past two years she has been living in the mountains of Kona, Hawaii amongst volcanoes in various stages of activity where she hopes to write some good songs before the volcano explodes. Ever since she can remember, she has created in some form or another, knowing, at this point, that she must continue to do so in order to avoid a sucking sense of existential futility. Her aim is to write songs that are honest.