Chi City – So About Last Night @IAmChiCity

What happens when temptation and riches challenge a man’s morals? Chi City shares his real-life experience of good vs. evil. This Yondo assisted production helps Chi paint a vivid picture of his fight with reality choosing between the pressure of his peers or his love for music. His wordplay is precise, and his story is intriguing. In the end, will he take the ride to Quick Money or take the path less traveled.

In a time where the rap game gives more praise to clout chasing, and Instagram likes, Chi City rides a wave whose rhymes take you back to a time when the industry’s filled with pure, heartfelt music.

Growing up in the south side of Chicago’s Foster Park neighborhood, Chi City’s music illustrates how he persevered through unfortunate events in his past and used the knowledge and, an experience he gained as a child to stay motivated and continue perfecting his art.

With the 2016 release of his song “Thug Life” which mimics a style originated from the group Bone Thugs n Harmony, had SoundCloud soaring with fans in awe over the compelling record that caught the attention of 300 Ent’s Lyor Cohen.

Following the rest of that year out with shows and tour appearances, Chi City found himself in the center of the media with the controversial release of “Sorry Kanye” in which Chi City somehow got ahold of Kanye West’s unreleased “Fade” beat while working on music in LA.

Not revealing how he got ahold of the “Fade” instrumental, Chi City quickly caught headlines, which lead to a tug a war with Universal and G.O.O.D Music over track from the highly anticipated “TLOP” album and had it taken down from all platforms. Sparking a series of debates online that Chi City’s version of “Fade” outperformed his fellow hometown “free thinker” hero Kanye West, who was even impressed himself on how well Chi delivered on the “stolen” track.

In the center of what seems to be an awkward moment of momentum, Chi City soon found himself in sessions writing for some of today’s most relevant artist. Such is the nature of his music, as self and socially aware as it is comical.

With the first music release of 2018 on the way, Chi City has set the tone for whats yet to come. A stand out rapper in today’s hip-hop world, he keeps his sound deeply tied to his Midwest roots and his message one that knows no boundaries.