Garrison Collier – U CRZY @GarrisonCollier

“U CRZY” is a track from Garrison Collier that speaks about the people who tell you that you’re crazy for chasing your dreams and thinking you can get them. Also at the same time it’s saying you’re crazy right back to anybody who ever doubted you. Something to have fun to as well, whichever one you are, you’ll feel like getting out of your seat and moving to the music.

Garrison Collier, 20, is from Huber Heights, Ohio and has been making music for 5 years now, his love early on for movies & all cinema inspired him to create conceptional music once he discovered his talent for music. All of this really came together during his spiritual awakening, when Garrison discovered his purpose in life, to inspire change throughout the world and motivate people to want to grow together. So now Garrison is working with people from his hometown, and people out of state like Mark Battles, to build an everlasting foundation.