KEAG – Problematic Art @imKEAG

Wisco artist KEAG debuts his new album, “Problematic Art”. It features real human problems and emotion throughout each track. Please note, I am not trying to glorify any of the content. However, you are also entitled to your own interpretation of the music. “Problematic Art” also features some of Wisconsin’s most talented and rising artists like IshDarr, Ted Park, Rob Hicks and many more.

Independent emcee KEAG was raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Throughout his youth, his family always expressed a love for music and the arts. In addition to classic rock and alternative rock of the 1990’s, KEAG also found himself drawn to Hip Hop as early as 3rd grade. He started making beats in FL Studio at the age of 17 and he started adding vocals to his beats in 2014. Up to this point in his career, he has released 3 EP’s and 2 LP’s.

So far during his brief yet highly industrious venture into Hip Hop, he has worked with high profile WI-based WI artists such as IshDarr, Ted Park, Roy Purdy, Mike Regal and Lucien Parker. Always looking to remain active, KEAG has performed across the Midwest, and has had the opportunity to open for national touring acts like Huey Mack and T-Pain. He is just one of a handful of young, talented, driven independent emcees who are working diligently to make a name for themselves and have become the backbone of the Wisconsin Hip Hop scene.