Natalie – SHAMEFUL @ShamefulNatalie

Natalie’s debut EP “SHAMEFUL” features dark melodies, vocal soundscapes, extreme digital vocal manipulation, nostalgic references and a wide range of genre influences. The first track, “Signs”, has a good example of that vocal manipulation; it sounds as if there are two different people dueting when it’s actually just the same person. The project dropped June 1st via all streaming platforms and has co-production from FRIDVYFLX on the track “Signs” and a feature from MAXXX on the track “Cancer”.

Natalie was born in the suburbs of Chicago and spent her teen years in and around Houston and the Greater Houston Area. While living here she learned about the Screwed Up Click, Big Moe, Lil Keke and more. She would tune in every Sunday to 97.9’s The Box for Screwed Up Sundays and would listen to their radio programming for hours. At the age of 16, these artists inspired her to create her own chop and screw mixtapes, and that eventually snowballed into her teaching herself audio production and crafting her own music.

Natalie lived in the city of Chicago for the past few years and developed a sound inspired by both of these cities; the dark, slowed, and chopped vibe from Houston mixed with heavy Chicago drums and/or house patterns. She has very recently moved to NYC to get more inspiration for her sound. Her debut EP Shameful highlights influences from all of these cities.