#NewMusic AK Camino – Like This

AK Camino’s new single, “Like This”, features the vocalist crooning over bouncy percussion, driving synths and booming 808s. “Like This” is both a love ballad and braggadocious banger. AK Camino continues to blur the line between modern rap and R&B with the release.

AK Camino is an alternative R&B group composed of singer/songwriter (Amil) and producer (Kevin/Kdub). The duo was formed in San Diego, where they began making music in a tiny apartment while still attending university. With influences coming from the 808-heavy drums of Atlanta to the moody vibes of Toronto to the energetic bounce of LA, AK Camino combines R&B and trap elements into a unique and diverse sound. Smooth and haunting vocals, topics of heartbreak and debauchery, and melodic, hard-hitting instrumentals characterize their cross-genre sound. While remaining an enigma, AK Camino reveals glimpses of their hazy inner-worlds through a meeting of minds.