#NewMusic DeemBeez – PoppaBean @1DeemBeez

“PoppaBean” from DeemBeez is a song about having different emotions about different situations at the same time. The song tries to blend in having a love life, with a lit life as well as trying to maintain a normal life. DeemBeez must chose between the different lifestyles he wishes to live. He is working on his first self titled EP called “Birds N’ Beez” which is set to drop summer 2018. This is the first song to drop off of the project.

DeemBeez is a upcoming artist coming out of Brooklyn, NY. Dropping his first single while only being 20 years old, was a challenging thing for him to do. He started to make music when he was only 19. He fell in love with making music after he claims to have gotten compliments on his music after sharing with friends. He grew up mostly listening to rappers from Atlanta and the south even though he is from NY. Some of his favorite artist include Kanye West, Travis Scott, Migos and many more. Singing and rapping is something he enjoys to mix into his songs all together.