#NewMusic Kee Kee – Hood Mantra @zakee_el

Harlem emcee Kee Kee’s new single, “Hood Mantra”, is about transformation in any aspect of life. Whether you received a promotion at a new job, bought a new car and/or new cloths. Hood Mantra is meant to capture the essence of any unique situation in ones life.

An expression of truth in musical form, a captivating young artist who pulls you in with his lyrical gift, someone you’ll come to resonate with in a matter of seconds. Zakee El’s freely expression in his single “Hood Mantra” will liberate you, making you feel like you’re part of a retro-funk wave. Socially influenced by the culture in Harlem, Zakee El provides his listeners with authentic elaboration on identity, liberation and relationships.

Inspired by artists like Jay Z, Nas, Mos Def, Wu Tang, DMX, Sun Ra, Pharoahe Monch and the list goes on; to artists like Syd the Kid from the Internet and Beyoncé, who’ve created their own paths in a competitive industry backed by their work ethic. Zakee dynamically connects into their frequencies to create his own style. In an industry that’s gradually changing into a multifaceted mesh of art, Zakee, who’s style of art and music is indivisible, will without a doubt be recognized.

When asked about the discovery of his style, he says, “I didn’t find my style, my style found me.”