#NewMusic Nicoteen Ninyo – Bad Things

Nicoteen Ninyo is a 19 year old up and coming artist based out of Los Angeles, California. He started producing and writing his own songs, 6 months ago, inspired after feeling lost by issues going on in his life. Being raised in a family where music was their foundation, he found comfort in this. Writing music based on how he was feeling and what was going on inside of his head was his therapeutic approach to cope with it all. Ever since that day, his desire to help others cope with similar issues and to realize it’s okay to “feel” and be vulnerable, through his music, has been his greatest motivation to keep going. Even though his own issues are not all healed, he hopes they can be, as well as others issues.

his latest record, “Bad Things”, is inspired by multiple ideas. First and foremost, the idea of looking for others to help momentarily cover up and forget an emotional trauma or heartbreak. It touches on how, in hard times, instead of looking for someone to help you through it all, you look for someone or multiple people to help you numb it for a night. With the second idea being portrayed that love and lust are drugs. Love can be one of the most amazing feelings on earth, but also can be the most painful and damaging. This idea was the basis for the spaced out and twisted elements within the beat. Nicoteen Ninyo wanted to find a way to help portray the numbing (drug) effect love and or lust can have.