#NewMusic Prentice – And Another One @Prentice302

Prentice channels his inner Notorious B.I.G. for his new song “And Another One” which was the late rapper’s famous ad-lib. With a short hook, it’s mainly bars accompanied by a sample that makes it seem like he’s preaching to the choir courtesy of producer, JP Killed It.

A sudden career change in 2009 led Prentice from dropping out of college to pursuing his passion for music. After a financial struggle and fighting to establish himself as an artist, Prentice took a worthy risk to buy all of his own equipment in order to start mixing and recording his own music. Since then he has released a mixtape series “Best Kept Secret”, followed by a couple of EPs “The Big Picture” and “No Bull$#!t”.

Prentice first hit the airwaves nationally after being featured in a on-air interview at Shade 45 in New York City for DJ Kay Slay’s show, “Bars at 11”, for his free-styling skills. Tapping into a myriad of influences, Prentice comes to hip-hop with a fresh, highly lyrical perspective. Drawing from the experiences around him to give his tracks depth and a certain realness that’s hard to find.