#NewMusic Timothy Night – Mud @timdontsleep

“Mud” is the first single from the upcoming mixtape, “Sleepless Nights”, by Swedish rap artistm Timothy Night. This song serves as a major change in Timothy’s music creation going from a high energy, uptempo sound to a more dark and heavier type of trap focused on emotional and personal lyrics.

Coming from the small town called Norrköping, Timothy Night been active in the local rap scene since late 2016 and has since then worked his way up from completely unknown to one of the larger local acts in his hometown. In the short amount of time that Timothy has been dropping music he has worked with artists like Steven Cannon and Ronny J. His distinctive dark and moody sound Timothy gives a voice to the lonely outsiders who never became one of the people in anyones inner circle and therefore mostly spend their time at home by themselves. He captures this emotion by doing everything from the writing to the engineering of every track from his bed.