#NewMusic Young Mahd – They Mad @young_mahd

“They Mad” from Young Mahd is a very catchy melodic record. The content is mainly based upon a love type of vibe. The catchiness makes it an automatic sing along and the words are very relatable to people with a love interest/significant other. The song is uptempo a bit and can engage a party/crowd. The video, which was shot by Brann, consists of colorful effects and edits along with Young Mahd performing and vibing out with a beautiful girl. The location of the shoot, mainly in an urban downtown area around buildings, really perfects and matches the feel of the song.

Young Mahd an up and coming artist out of Nashville, TN recently moving to Atlanta, is only 18 years old. He started really taking serious steps towards perfecting his craft about a year ago and since then his talent has flourished to create his sound and consistently make heat. His music is filled with melodic flows that are ear catching, creating something people can vibe to and feel in different situations. Wether it is a love song or an upbeat party song Young Mahd is sure to deliver. Having an African American and Lebanese background he uses his diversity and versatility to reach various audiences. His fanbase is continuously expanding, ranging from the South to California and even up north like New York and Canada but it is only just the beginning. Recently graduating high school his goal is to create and release some of his best work to come starting this summer.