#NewVideo Chuck Acid Ft Eli Capella and MC Knowledge – Something Strange @chuck_acid

Chuck Acid, Eli Capella and MC Knowledge combine forces to deliver the video behind “Something Strange”. This is more than a song, it’s a story. These three Philly artists trade bars over a classic soul beat describing life and music through their own eyes.

Reginald Nwakanma Jr. known as Chuck Acid is from Philadelphia. Chuck is not only a producer and engineer, but an amazing lyricist as well. Currently residing in the East Oak Lane region of Philadelphia, Chuck’s love for music is influenced highly by Jazz, Soul and Philadelphia rap legends that came before him. Chuck is a first generation child and he used his writing and poetry as way to express his pent up emotions. His love for poetry was the beginning of his career within the music industry. As a lyricist and musician, he quickly realized he needed to create the beats to compliment his lyrical content.

Acid began creating his own beats, which birthed his production career. In the beginning of his career, he was 1/3 of a rap group called “r.e.a.l music” serving as a producer, visual artist and rapper. After the groups split, Chuck continued his growth as a producer, momentarily shelving his lyrical development. With the support of friends and the opening of opportunities, the emcee recorded and released his first project titled “Food For Your Sole”, which addressed events leading up to an attempted robbery that almost claimed his life.

Chuck is currently working on his debut album “Oldest and Only” which gives listeners and fans the uncut and uncensored truth. Through his music, Chucks aims to unite and empower those who feel like they are unheard and unimportant; Channeling the anger, fear, and joy that comes with facing the world seemingly with no help. You can find him on instagram @_chuckacid and on soundcloud at Chuckacid.