#NewVideo JG – Love? @IAmJGForReal

“Love?” is a wavy, introspective tune in which JG takes us on a journey through his personal love life. Produced by Taylor King & Zero Beatz and directed By Moji Wilson.

A product of Tampa, Florida, JG started the pursuit of his rap career in 2010, during his senior year of high school. Born Joshua Geiger (JG), his rap influences include the likes of: J Cole, Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Drake.
At a young age he was introduced to Southern Rock and the Blues. Watching his uncle’s band, JG would often end up on stage playing air guitar or asking for the microphone. Curiosity grew and he began playing the drums at 5 years old. At 7, his older brother played him a copy of DMX’s “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” it was at this time JG began gravitating toward rap music, even writing his own raps at age 11.

When he received a scholarship to play college football at Tennessee State University, JG cashed his $2500 refund and purchased a copy of Pro Tools and a microphone in place of books and supplies. School had always come easy and his focus was beginning to shift from football and academics to his love for music. In the his own dorm room, his first two mixtapes were created. This calculated risk was the fuel to the fire of who is now JG.

Since the release of his former projects, new material has been scarce, but well received. Songs like “Water”, “Birds In LA”, “My Side” and “Lies” have all reached hundreds of thousands of views across internet platforms and still continue to grow. Currently working on “Public Relations 2” 2018 is set to be a pivotal year in his young career.