#NewVideo Kami Loves AO – White Album @kamilovesao

Kami Loves AO is the solo project of the Atlanta based multi-instrumentalist Ashanti Jabri. An artist/producer/composer/audio engineer; Kami Loves AO focuses on concept albums, drawing from Hip-Hop, jazz, synth pop, and Alternative Rock inspirations. Fusing these influences, he released his first EP in 2018 “White Album 2”, which, according to him, is “a testimony to the memories we all wish we could forget, yet make us who we are”.

His music embodies the themes of youthful angst, rage, passion, unrequited love, and self realization. Drawing from the musical likes of Toro y Moi, LCD Sound System, Thievery Corporation, Prince, and Art Blakey, Kami Loves AO transformed and developed his signature sound by incorporating the aforementioned with aspects of millennial, anime and internet subculture.

The first video released off the EP is for the title track, “White Album”, Which is a song that sonically blends modern production with melancholic, yet simultaneously high intensity vocals. Touching on subjects of regret, friendship lost, drug abuse, and battling with inner demons, the video portrays all of this visually with gripping images of AO physically undergoing changes with each story he delves into.