#NewVideo Mono – No Options @Money_Mono

Broward County rapper Mono is here with his latest visual, “No Options”, produced by IceStarr. Mono shows what it’s like to have no options by grinding to take care of his family while taking penitentiary chances. While making moves Mono gets caught up in a situation where police lock him up and his friend gets away after making a play.

Mono was born in Cali, Colombia but moved to Broward County, Florida at the age of 7 without knowing any English. He was involved in music at a very early age and got into rap at the age of 9. Mono started freestyling with his friends until he finally decided to set up his own studio in his closet. Mono started to record songs everyday with his friends. Mono with 5 others created the group ‘Thirty Six’ which stands for a whole thing (i.e. kilo).