#NewVideo Twin Gaaang – Make A Movie @Therealdredhead

Twin Gaaang is comprised of two artist, Iraq and DredHead from Pensacola, Florida. From beating on the tables, free styling and rapping to now gaining notary and being recognized in the streets, they are making quite the impac in the world of HipHop & R&B. Shaping there sound like no other to what they call “Feel Good Music, Everybody know in the FLA when Twin Gaaang release a project, it’s always music to remember.

Their new video for “Make A Movie” was directed by Yabuient. The video is about Twin throwing a huge house party that got so lit they decided to make a movie out of it. There’s something spontaneous and different popping off in each room of the party. Check out the Yung Tago produced smash here.